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How to Negotiate Successfully: 14 Tips from Coaching Professionals

Understand What the Other Side Wants.  Know what they want so that you can help them get it. Are they looking for ease, peace of mind, expansion or predictability? Understand precisely what they are seeking, and why. Then, frame what you bring to the table to reveal how it delivers precisely that. In other words, focusing on their needs rather than yours will actually get yours met. To see more tips, read the Forbes article HERE.

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15 Practices Good Managers Can Adopt to Become Great Managers

Identify Team Members’ Best Future Selves. Great managers see your best future self even when you don’t. It is energizing and motivating to be led by someone who sees your unique skills and your wise intentions even (and especially) when you fail. This makes it safe to stretch, to take risks for bigger gain and to learn. Humans rise or fall to the level that is expected of them. A manager who expects flaws contributes to creating them. To see more tips, read the Forbes article HERE.

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16 Coaches’ Biggest Public Speaking Gaffes (and How to Avoid Them)

Worrying About What the Audience Is Thinking. I lost confidence midway through my presentation. I started making up stories in my mind about what the audience was thinking. That mental dialogue distracted me from the force of my convictions and from my flow. Instead, I now remind myself that it is not about me or what they think about me. It is about helping them. I focus on being fiercely in service to them, and the right words just flow. To see more tips, read the Forbes article HERE.

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11 Ways Brand New Managers Can Build Rapport with Their Team

Listen and Take Action. It is easy to mistakenly believe that your new employees want you to impress them with what you know and what you intend to do. The reality, however, is that they want you to be impressed by them. Set your ego aside and learn from them. Then prove that your listening is real by taking action on a few priorities they have raised. You will earn their willingness to listen to you. - To see more tips, read the Forbes article HERE.

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